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Join the crew of the Accorderie Project for cooperation through exchange of skills and services

Join the crew of the Accorderie Project for cooperation through exchange of skills and services


Accorderies fight poverty and social exclusion through an approach that emphasizes solidarity and cooperation. They create networks for exchanging skills, services and know-how, and are open to interested individuals without regard to age, gender, income or culture.

The currency for exchanges is time. The hours of each member have equal value, regardless of the service provided. Thus, you can for example give someone a haircut and get your fridge repaired by someone else, exchange a lesson in Italian for help in the garden, and so on.

The first Accorderie was set up back in 2002 in Quebec, Canada, it was followed by networks in France, and now Varna is the first Bulgarian city to join in. The local core team are Yann from France and Elina from Bulgaria, and they need your support to speed things up. Most wanted are:

  • translators from French and English to Bulgarian;
  • designers and copywriters to create promo materials, presentations, etc;
  • helpers in general organizational tasks.

The launch date is yet to be determined. It depends much on volunteer commitment.

Join the crew by 24 June.



The Accorderie Project for Bulgaria.


Varna and Sofia.

The team is based in Varna, yet Yann travels to Sofia on a regular basis, so both cities are an option for new crew members.

How do I take part?

Click the green "I will do it" button to see how to get in touch.

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Once a mission you participate in ends, you can tell us how it went in a couple of sentences ("it was great" won't do).

It's simple: after the end we send you instructions - follow them. This way you earn points and rise in rank , others get inspired and we're all happy.


Something's not clear? Ask, we answer quickly.

  • Mirela Petrova

    Mirela Petrova

    Ще се случват ли тези неща и в София релано, или само във Варна?

  • Ian Dote

    Ian Dote (The Accorderie Project for Bulgaria)

    Ще започнем във Варна 1-во защото нямаме хора в София да движат нещата там. Но искаме и в София да го направим в бъдещето.

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