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Volunteer at a dance event that celebrates Balfolkariya Association's first birthday

Volunteer at a dance event that celebrates Balfolkariya Association's first birthday


"Balfolk" is a cultural event that combines traditional folk music from various European regions with dance. It originated in France, inspired by the Breton fest-noz, and has gained popularity across Europe. In Bulgaria, the "Balfolkariya" association has been promoting this cultural fusion for a year and is celebrating its first anniversary on November 25.

The team is currently planning a major event for its birthday, including live music from Italy, a Spanish dance coach and lots of fun activities, but in order for everything to go as planned, "Balfolkariya" is seeking volunteers. You in?

What would I have to do?

It will be great, if you could support the organization by participating in one of the following tasks:

  • Welcoming and guiding guests: help welcome and assist event attendees.

  • Hall preparation: assist in arranging furniture and equipment before and after the event.

  • Cleaning: Ensure the dance floor is safe by removing objects and wet areas.

  • Artist Assistance: support artists by ensuring they have what they need, from water to power outlets.

  • Filming: if you're skilled in photography or videography, use your camera or smartphone to capture the event.

  • Wardrobe Service: help with the wardrobe service for event participants.

  • Animation of the younger guests: engage with and entertain young attendees while their parents enjoy the event.


On November 25, 2023, from 19:00 to 24:00.


The event is located at 86 "Tsar Samuil" St., "Nature and Science" Community Center in Sofia. The venue is accessible via the "Serdika" and "Opalchenska" metro stations, as well as tram stops #22 and #20.


Balfolkaria Association.

Why Participate?

Joining this mission allows you to explore an unique combination of music and dance with a rich history in Europe. You'll meet like-minded individuals, gain experience in organizing cultural events, and have the opportunity to interact with international guests. If you can speak English, it's a plus.

Skills Needed?

Sociable individuals with an interest in dance and music are sought. Enthusiasm for learning about new cultural trends in the arts is important.

Required Equipment?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for a dance party and, most importantly, wear a smile!

Will I be offered food?

Food will be provided.

Age Restrictions?

Minors must provide a signed consent form from a parent or a guardian.

How to Register?

Click the green "I will participate" button and follow the provided instructions.

Кандидатствай до 18 November 2023

The mission will take place on 25 November 2023

Registration closed


Once a mission you participate in ends, you can tell us how it went in a couple of sentences ("it was great" won't do).

It's simple: after the end we send you instructions - follow them. This way you earn points and rise in rank , others get inspired and we're all happy.

  • Balfolkariia Sofiia

    Balfolkariia Sofiia (Сдружение "Балфолкарѝя")

    Беше наистина магична вечер! Продължаваме да летим, танцувайки от щастие ... Благодарим на всички взели участие ... особено на всички доброволци, без които тази вечер нямаше как де се случи ...

    @снимки Gabriele Echo - също доброволец

    Целия албум от събитието може да откриете тук: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=balfolkariya&set=a.319725360948599

  • Balfolkariia Sofiia

    Balfolkariia Sofiia (Сдружение "Балфолкарѝя")

    Страшно благодарим на всички присъствали ... превърнахте 1° ANNUALBAL : : folk international в една магична вечер... ако не ми се пръсне скоро съществото от безумен кеф и щастие, обещаваме с Балфолкарѝя да отваряме пространство за много такива прекрасносни и за напред ...
    Освен неустоимите Небо & Kissene Folk без чиято музика събитието щеше да е съвсем различно... огромни благодарности на Димо Славчев за гостоприемството и невероятната му енергия, с която ни посрещна, води хорото, врътна едно репасеадо и ни изпрати по зори ... на Сашо Миланов без чиято техника и помощ със звука нямаше изобщо да се оправим ... на Искра Чакърова & Иванка Николова за подготвянето на най-вкусната, красива и музикална торта, която някога сме виждали и хапвали... на TimeHeroes и всички доброволци без чиито неуморна помощ изобщо нямаше да се справим - специални благодарности на Колин, Ангел, Ина, Милена, Нина и Николина... на Ирая за организацията и разпространението на събитието ни в Италия, с което допринесе за още по интернационалната среда ... и на всички останали ... БЛАГОДАРИИМ !!!


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