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Show the real face of domestic violence by creating your original artwork

Show the real face of domestic violence by creating your original artwork


For the first time the #Every4th campaign talks about domestic violence without parading the victims in front of the camera. The real face of abuse is not the one that's bruised and battered. The real face of abuse is that of the abuser. What does it look like?

If you are a visual artist, illustrator or graphic designer, support the #every4th campaign by creating your original artwork on the subject. All selected works will be presented and sold at a charity exhibition in March raising funds for the transitional housing centers which offer shelter and protection to those few brave women who have found the strength to break free from their abusers. The number of these centers in Bulgaria is still drastically lower than in most other EU countries.

The cause needs your creative powers by 14 February 2016. You may submit any of the following pieces:

  • digital illustration (to be printed on T-shirts, tote bags, cups, etc.)
  • poster, T-shirt, cup or tote bag with your artwork printed on it.

All designs must include:

  • the hashtag #Every4th
  • the slogan "See the real face of domestic violence"
  • (recommended) the visual symbol of the campaign (the male fist, see footer here)

You may submit more than one design. Click the "I will do it" button for the technical requirements.

More on the subject of domestic violence in Bulgaria is available in English on the website of the organizer - the Bulgarian Fund for Women. Here's also the video and the website of the campaign (Bulgarian only).


The Bulgarian Fund for Women.


There are more than 1 million female victims of domestic violence in Bulgaria. That means every fourth woman. Abuse is not isolated to or typical of certain communities only. It is evenly spread throughout the country.

Female victims feel guilty and ashamed. They rarely ask for help. They often refuse to face the truth of what is happening to them. They do not want to be associated with the ugly and painful poster images of the usual anti-violence campaigns. And they are right. Posters must show the face of the abuser. Only a world without abusers is a world without victims.

Art has the means and the power to break the stereotype, to shift the perspective away from the victims and to reveal the real face of domestic violence.


Wherever you are.

How do I take part?

Click the green "I will do it" button to see the technical requirements and how to submit your work.

// photo by Warren Fournier

Submit your artwork by 14 February 2016

The mission is from 16 December 2015 until 14 February 2016

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