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Be a part of The Refugee Project

Be a part of The Refugee Project


Today, when the world is facing the biggest refugee crisis in history, many of us wonder what we can do to help. The Refugee Project cannot solve all the challenges that asylum seekers and refugees face, but can make the everyday lives of people living in the reception centres in Sofia more pleasant, interesting and rewarding.

For more than five years, volunteers in the project have helped children, adolescents and adult refugees to adapt more easily in Bulgarian society by organising lessons and classes such as:

  • Bulgarian and English;
  • computer skills;
  • art workshops;
  • gardening;
  • music;
  • sport;
  • science.

The team is looking for new volunteers to help ongoing project participants to organise activities in the refugee centres in Ovcha Kupel and Voenna Rampa, as well as in fundraising activities and promotion of the project.


From 1 June to 30 September, at least once a week for two hours (10:30-12:30 or 14:00-16:00) on a weekday. At present The Refugee Project does not have access to the centres over the weekend.

It is important to engage with the project for a minimum of four months.

Mandatory training for all volunteers will be held on the weekend of 28th and 29th May.


Caritas Sofia and CVS - Bulgaria.


The period in which refugees live in reception centres is a time when many families or unaccompanied youth are vulnerable. Your empathy, warm welcome and beneficial activities are invaluable for their integration in the new environment.


In the registration and reception centres of the State Agency for Refugees in Sofia:

  • Ovcha Kupel (21A Montevideo St, near New Bulgarian University)
  • Voenna Rampa (11 Lokomotiv St former Professional School of interior architecture and woodworking)

Volunteers can indicate in the application form which of the centres is more convenient for them.

Needed skills?

To become part of the Refugee Project team, you must be:

  • over 18 years old;
  • willing and able to work with children, youth or adults;
  • responsible and committed;
  • prepared to lead classes in one of the subjects above;
  • ready to work independently (under the mentorship of project coordinators and following initial training);
  • Interested in different cultures.

Experience in working with children is an advantage, as well as education in social care and/or pedagogy. Knowledge of Arabic, Kurdish and/or Farsi would be useful. Knowledge of other languages ​​is a plus.

Necessary equipment?

Materials needed for operation are provided by the organisers.

How do I take part?

Press the green button "I will do it" and complete the online application form.

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Apply by 13 May 2016

The mission is from 1 June 2016 until 30 September 2016

Registration closed


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It's simple: after the end we send you instructions - follow them. This way you earn points and rise in rank , others get inspired and we're all happy.


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  • Andrey Krachkov

    Andrey Krachkov


    Много бих искал да участвам в проекта, но за съжаление трябва да замина за САЩ в края на август. Би ли имало смисъл да кандидатствам въпреки това?

    Много хубав ден!

  • Caritas Sofia

    Caritas Sofia (Caritas Sofia)

    Кандидатствайте и допълнително ще обсъдим ситуацията.:)

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