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Volunteer at the Busmantsi center for refugees and asylum seekers

Volunteer at the Busmantsi center for refugees and asylum seekers


Refugees and asylum seekers living in the Busmantsi Special Home for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners live very restricted and troublesome lives. For almost two years now, Caritas Sofia has had a dedicated team working inside Busmantsi to deliver educational and cultural sessions to bring a fresh hope to the lives of these already struggling individuals.

All this is only possible with the support of a fantastic team of volunteers. Are you the next one?

What will I do?

Volunteers deliver learning, life or language sessions with the Busmantsi residents, adults and children, either in the on-site classroom or outside court yard (within the camp).

Current classes include:

  • English, Italian and French;
  • cultural orientation;
  • experimental theatre;
  • sports and games.

All activities reflect the skills and interests of the current volunteer group. If you have something else to offer, Caritas Sofia would love to hear from you!


You will be asked to commit to a minimum two-month period of volunteering, attending 1-3 sessions per week. Each session takes place either between 10-12 am or 2-4 pm, Monday to Friday.

Apply as soon as possible and expect an interview to be arranged within 2 weeks or even sooner. You may *apply up until 10 November but the organisers aim to fill the volunteer team as soon as possible. If you apply after they fill the team, they can keep you on the back-up list and/or assign you another volunteering role in a different camp or on another project.


All sessions take place in the Busmantsi Special Home for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners, which is near Sofia and can be reached via public transport (marshrut no.35).

Interviews will be conducted at the Caritas Sofia office, "St. Anna", 1 Struma St.


Caritas Sofia.

Why do it?

Would you like to make a real and direct impact on people's lives? Would you like to join a team of dedicated, fun and talented volunteers? Would you like to gain skills and experience in teaching, working with different cultures and front-line NGO work? All this, and more is possible, just with a few hours of your time each week.

Skills required?

It is not compulsory that you have any teaching qualification or experience. What matters are character traits, such as: emotional resilience, mature, with common sense, culturally aware, calm under pressure and able to work in a challenging environment.

Necessary equipment?

You do not need to bring any particular materials with you, just practical and appropriate clothing. You will be provided with a badge and resources in the camp itself.


The organisers hope in the future to be able to provide reimbursement for transport but until then you will need to make your own way to the camp and back.


Occasional snacks may be provided on an ad-hoc basis but otherwise if you are scheduled to attend a morning and an afternoon session on the same day, you will not be provided with lunch so please be aware of this.

Health risks?

There is a low health-risk with this volunteering role and you will be supervised and supported by an on-site staff member.

Age requirements?

You must be mature and reasonably fit to volunteer in this refugee camp. Minimum 18 years old.

Will I get a volunteer certificate?


How to participate?

Click the green "I will do it!" button and fill out the application form.

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Apply by 10 November 2018

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