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Lead activities for adult and children asylum seekers in Busmantsi

Lead activities for adult and children asylum seekers in Busmantsi


Caritas Sofia are looking for volunteers to lead activities for adult and children asylum seekers and immigrants living in Busmantsi Detention Centre (Special Home for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners), just outside Sofia. The people there are from different countries and are of all ages. They are not allowed to leave the centre. Some are there for days, others - for months.

Most of the adults and young people are eager to learn English and to get to know Bulgarian culture so that they are better oriented when they leave Busmantsi. For the children, it’s important to have creative activities and lessons to make their days a little more pleasant and colorful.

Volunteers are needed to lead activities on a weekly basis:

  • English lessons for adults
  • Bulgarian cultural orientation for adults
  • art and games for children.

All sessions take place between 14:00 and 16:00 in the afternoon.


September - December, once a week. The schedule of activities will be fixed once teams are formed and volunteers provide information about their free time.

All volunteers must attend training on 31 August.


Caritas Sofia.


Life inside Busmantsi Detention Centre is very difficult for those living there. Although it is temporary accommodation, many stay for some weeks or months. A lot of the people living there have already been through significant ordeals before they entered Bulgaria and now they are inside a closed centre, with little contact with people from outside the camp, and even restricted hours to leave their buildings (two hours per day).

The various classes provide some light relief for the children and adults, give them an opportunity to put this time to good use by learning something new, and show them that there are people in Sofia who care enough to dedicate their time to lead activities on a weekly basis.


Busmantsi village, 65A Gen. Gurko St., Special Home for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners.


Busmantsi can be reached by car or by marshrutka minibus number 35 which goes past Lyulin, Stamboliiski Blvd, NDK, Tsarigradsko Shosse and Iskarsko Shosse Metro (here's the detailed route, BG version only).

Skills needed?

No previous teaching experience is required. However, volunteers will:

  • be patient and compassionate;
  • be dedicated and reliable;
  • commit to delivering activities once per week for 4 months (September – December);
  • set time aside to plan each session, thinking of interesting activities to make it engaging;
  • be confident enough to lead activities for a group of people;
  • have an interest in people from different cultural and language backgrounds.

How do I take part?

Click the green "I will do it" button and see how to apply.

Apply by 24 August 2016

The mission is from 1 September 2016 until 31 December 2016

Registration closed


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  • Mirela Ilieva

    Mirela Ilieva

    Здравейте! Искам да бъда доброволец и силно се интересувам от тази мисия, но тъй като от 9 до 30 септември няма да съм в София искам да попитам дали е възможно да се включа в нея и вместо веднъж седмично да водя занятия всеки ден в продължение на седмица или няколко дни?

  • Caritas Sofia

    Caritas Sofia (Caritas Sofia)

    Привет, моля да изпратите имейл на [email protected], за да уточним това. :)

  • Nadya Dincheva

    Nadya Dincheva

    Здравейте! Стори ми се, че във фейсбук видях тази мисия с крайна дата за кандидатстване 28ми август. Има ли все още възможност за изпращане на необходимата информация за да бъда доброволец? Благодаря!

  • Caritas Sofia

    Caritas Sofia (Caritas Sofia)

    Здравейте, моля да пишете на [email protected], за да уточним възможностите за среща с вас и времето, с което разполагате. :)

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