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Volunteer in the rhythm of "Dancing Sofia" 2016

Volunteer in the rhythm of "Dancing Sofia" 2016


On four Saturdays by the end of the summer the "Dancing Sofia" initiative will turn four urban locations into organic "dancefloors", offering everyone a chance to experience a variety of dancing styles and sports classes.

The complete program includes more than 30 different lessons under the professional supervision of instructors from 20 dancing and sports centres in Sofia. At the end, there will be a dance tournament, a prize raffle and an open discussion with the public on topics such as healthy and active living, and how urban areas can be adapted for outdoor sports activities. The project supports "Sofia - European Capital of Sport 2018".

Volunteers are needed to assist with the organisation of the events:

  • help clean and arrange the areas - before and after each event;
  • attract participants, provide info and directions to the different classes;
  • distribute flyers;
  • provide information and assistance to the instructors, participants and partners of the events.

The tasks for each event will be rotated among the volunteers, and everyone will definitely get enough free time to practice some moves on the dancefloor.


Derida Dance Center.


"Dancing Sofia" is on a mission to inspire people to be active and live healthy. It also wishes to create a free and friendly platform for promoting the art of dance in Bulgaria, and to show that together we can change our city and make urban spaces fit for outdoor sport activities and dance.

Where and when?

  • 30 July - Pancharevo Lake
  • 13 August - Hipodruma Park
  • 27 August - Business Park Sofia
  • 10 September - Poduyane underground passage
  • 24 and 25 September - Derida Dance Center

The first four events are scheduled from 10:00 to 12:30. Volunteers must be available from 9:00 to 14:00.

The timing for the final events is to be announced.

Skills needed?

Positive vibes, love for dance and diligence.

Necessary equipment?

Weather appropriate clothing (that you can also dance in).


Energy bars provided.

If weather is bad?

In case of rain events will take place at Deride Dance Center.

How do I take part?

Click the green "I will do it" button and follow the instructions.

// photo by Andre Hunter

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  • Rosmari Nikova

    Rosmari Nikova

    Здравейте мога ли да се включа само за датите 13 и 27 август?

  • Derida Dance Center

    Derida Dance Center (Derida Dance Center)

    Здравейте : ) С известно закъснение виждаме въпроса ви. Ако имате желание и възможност, ще ви очакваме на събитието в Бизнес парк - Младост 4 в събота, 27-ми август. За повече информация потърсете Калина Павлова - координатор програма на [email protected]

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