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Sort food donated to people in need in October

Sort food donated to people in need in October


Most of us think that Bulgarians don't waste food. But the truth is that every day hundreds of kilograms are destroyed. Due to bruises or short expiration date large quantities of food does not reach the market. Meanwhile there are people who live in deprivation and hunger, not because they themselves have decided to do so.

To save this edible food from being wasted and send it to the people in need, several times a week volunteers from the Bulgarian Food Bank collect and sort donated fruit and vegetables or snacks.

How exactly work flows among piles of onions, apples or pasta, you can see and read here (in Bulgarian).

You can join the team every Wednesday, Friday and/or Saturday in October from 10:30 to 14:30. See specific dates of the month in the calendar

Contact the organizer and sign up for your chosen day or days earlier because the warehouse cannot fit more than 12 volunteers. You'll find contact information after you press the green button "I will do it" button.


Bulgarian Food Bank.


Each hour of donated work makes it possible to save a large amount of food from being wasted. Each donated hour of labor makes it possible to reach a greater number of people in need in homes for children and adults, poor, homeless and other people in difficulty.


In the logistics warehouse of Bulgarian Food Bank in Sofia - "Slatina - Bulgarplod" market, 13 "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov" Boulevard.

Skills needed?

No specific skills are required. A mandatory condition is that volunteers are healthy and have not been in contact with infectious diseases in the last one month (a declaration will be signed on the spot).


Comfortable clothes suitable for work in a warehouse for food - long pants, shirt/blouse, shoes with low foot. On site you will get gloves and apron and instructions for safe operation.


There are water, hot drinks and biscuits for everyone in the warehouse.

How to participate?

Press the green "I will do it" button and follow the instructions.

// photo provided by the organizer

Sign up before 29 October 2015

The mission is from 2 October 2015 until 30 October 2015

Registration closed


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