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Donate food and hygiene materials to children in foster care

Donate food and hygiene materials to children in foster care


For the fifth year in a row, "People for People Foundation" has started a campaign to collect food and hygiene items for children with and without disabilities who live in social institutions in Sofia, Karlovo, Samokov, Dren, Gabrovo and Mezdra.

The foundation supports children throughout the year with various initiatives - summer camp at the sea and winter camp in the mountains, providing clothes, shoes, etc. And now they turn to you for help - send packaged food for the children's daily menu, as well as hygiene materials, so that the directors of the institutions can use the savings for needs that are otherwise difficult to cover with their limited budgets.

How can I help?

Send their way any type of food that has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration. For example:

  • beans, lentils, rice;
  • pasta;
  • flour, oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, spices;
  • sterilized vegetables, preserves and compotes;
  • lyutenitsa, pate, honey, jam, chocolate spread;
  • biscuits, wafers, crackers, sweets;
  • cereals, nuts, etc.

Hygiene products.

  • washing powder or capsules;
  • cleaning products;
  • toilet paper;
  • kitchen paper;
  • wet and dry towels;
  • soap, shampoo, shower gel;
  • toothpaste and toothbrushes.

The food products need to be accompanied by proof of origin (e.g. receipt).


The campaign is running until 20 December.


People for People Foundation.

Which foster homes will be supported?

Donations will be distributed according to the needs of the children in:

  • Transitional housing "Zahari Stoyanov" and "Neofit Rilski", Gorna Banya

Family-type accommodation center for children:

  • "Patriarch Evtimiy" and "Exarch Yosef", Ovcha Kupel, Sofia
  • "Vasil Levski" and "Hristo Botev", Sofia Suhata Reka, Sofia
  • "G.S. Rakovski", Benkovski, Sofia
  • "Paisii Hilendarski" and "Sofronii Vrachanski", Lyulin 8, Sofia
  • Kv. Borovo and Kv. Trendafil, Gabrovo
  • Mezdra
  • Karlovo
  • Dren
  • Samokov

How can my donation reach the children?

The products are collected at the office of "People for People Foundation" in Sofia. You can send the package by mail or courier at your expense, or you can hand it over in person in the "Levski G" neighborhood in Sofia.

Will I receive a donation certificate?

Yes, upon request.

Which address should I send it to?

Click the green "I will do it!" button to see the contacts.

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Apply until 20 December 2021

The mission is from 8 October 2021 until 20 December 2021

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  • Andrea Toneva

    Andrea Toneva

    Здравей, успях да се включа в тази кампания и съм много щастлива.


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  • Arkadii Martinenko

    Arkadii Martinenko

    Мога ли да закупя продукти, които бих искал да даря, какво мога да даря и къде мога да ли предам?

  • Silviia  Nikolova

    Silviia Nikolova (Фондация "Хора за Хората")

    Можете да дарите продуктите на място в офиса кв. Левски Г бл. 35 вх. А или да изпратите чрез куриер. По ваша преценка.

  • Sanie Ramadanova

    Sanie Ramadanova


    Този уикенд имам пътуване до Карлово, мога ли директно там да оставя продуктите? Може ли да ми дадете адрес?


  • Silviia  Nikolova

    Silviia Nikolova (Фондация "Хора за Хората")

    Цнст Карлово, ул. Калоян 14

  • Silviia  Nikolova

    Silviia Nikolova (Фондация "Хора за Хората")

    Цнст Карлово, ул. Калоян 14

  • Iliiana Sheitanova

    Iliiana Sheitanova

    Здравейте ! Приемате ли и запазени дрешки ?

  • Silviia  Nikolova

    Silviia Nikolova (Фондация "Хора за Хората")

    Да може

  • Iliiana Sheitanova

    Iliiana Sheitanova

    Благодаря :)

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