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Lead a Therapy Horse for Children with Specific Needs in Kokalyane

Lead a Therapy Horse for Children with Specific Needs in Kokalyane

What's this about?

For ten years now, the Horse Therapy Association has been moving forward with a clear goal: to help children with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, speech, behavioral, social, emotional, or other difficulties through therapy with horses.

To make this possible, their team includes psychologists, therapists, a horse specialist, and five specially trained horses (Zita, Holly, Pamela, Hippo, and Pamir), with whom over 100 children gradually build a connection, thus observing improvement in their mental and emotional states.

How does the magic happen? In short – through therapy sessions, during which a therapist walks alongside the horse and works with the child riding it. However, one important person is missing from this picture – a volunteer who leads the horse in a specific direction while the therapist interacts with the child. Could that be you?

How can I be helpful?

Your task, briefly, will be as follows: to lead the horse in a specific direction and follow the therapist's instructions regarding the route and speed of movement. On average, you will participate in 6-7 sessions per day.

During your first meeting with the team, you will undergo training to get used to the animal and feel comfortable in its company. Apart from working with the horses, they will also introduce you to the terrain, the center, as well as the specifics of the local flora and fauna.


From April to November, the center will work with volunteers from Tuesday to Saturday between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.

The organizers will accommodate your possibilities and create a weekly schedule based on your commitments and weather conditions.


At the "Friends of Zita" Center on "Kokalyanski Rid" Street, 4 km above Kokalyane. You can reach:

By car: Drive to the square in the center of Kokalyane, where the bus stop for bus No. 1 is, and ask the locals for directions to the former division. Important note!: Do not use GPS navigation – it may send you down a dirt road through Bistritsa, impassable even for jeeps.

By bus No. 1: Catch it to its last stop, and the organizers will pick you up from there. However, you should have made arrangements in advance, and they should be expecting you.


The Horse Therapy Association.

Why should I participate?

For anyone who recognizes themselves in communicating with children, horses, and nature, it would be a good opportunity to get involved in a cause with a lot of meaning and positive emotions. Every progress made by the children is a miracle that fills the heart with smiles.

Required equipment?

Clothes suitable for a walk in nature. It's windy in the meadows constantly, so even in warm weather, it's good to have a windbreaker or shirt. During the summer, hiking boots are sufficient; during spring and autumn, boots are recommended. Note that sandals are not suitable, as there are many thorns in the meadows.

The center is located at an altitude of 1000 m – if you burn easily, apply sunscreen and wear a hat. Bring a water bottle and food because physical exertion requires energy.

Required skills?

Physical endurance, calmness, and patience for working with children and animals.

Plan in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather - strong winds and precipitation - the therapies are canceled. The organizers will inform you in a timely manner.

Health risks?

Horses can sometimes get scared, push, or step on you, so you need to be focused all the time, avoid sudden movements, and observe the situation around you.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are not of legal age, you need to fill out this declaration of parental consent.

How can I participate?

Click the green button "I Will Do It!" and follow the instructions.

// Photo by the organizer

Apply by 17 November 2024

The mission is from 1 April 2024 until 30 November 2024

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