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What is TimeHeroes?


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean by "mission"?

Missions are important causes that require the participation of many people be completed successfully.

Missions on vary in theme - from children's rights, to urban development, to animal protection, to nature conservation. The full list is right here.

You will find information about the activities with which you can support a selected mission. It can take between 5 minutes (signing a petition), to an hour (reading stories to children in a hospital), to a day (tree planting), to a little more (giving lessons)

What do you mean "talent"?

In some cases, except for participating in a mission, you may decide that you can offer certain professional skills and knowledge to those who need them. A talent is a small ad that not only says how cool you are, but can also transform into a good deed.

Who is for? is for anyone who wants to share their time and skills for the things that change the world.

I can do this, now what?

Choose a mission - by type, by time or place. Sign Up. Act. That's it. (Or publish a talent!)

Wow, wow, wow, you got gamification? How to become a superhero?

Here's how: join missions - earn points. Share missions - earn points. Publish a short text or images, telling us how a mission went - earn points. Find a TimeHeroes Golden Ticket at an event - earn points. You will also earn badges and rise in rank. See details here.

Do you help people and organisations collect money?

No. is not for raising funds, but for non-financial aid - helping individuals and organisations find people who can support them with their time, labor or property (clothing, shoes, books).

Are only registered organizations allowed to recruit volunteers for their missions on

No. If you are an informal group or an active person with a mission (cleaning the park, for example), you can gather people around your area through our website.

I am a person/an organization needing support. What should I do?

Fillthis form.

Describe your idea. What is the cause? What kind of support do you need? We will contact you and if we determine that your cause meets our criteria, we will publish it.

Note that you can't collect money through this website.

Is there a selection process for the missions?

Yes. The judgement is ours.

Each mission will be assessed before being published on the site. We don't want to publish false events or such which are not in support of a cause.

Does it cost anything?

No. Nothing. Zero.

What do I earn from the publication of my cause/event on is a place that brings many meaningful causes (and coupled with their activities) together. It is easier for those who want to help to actually do it. is THE website for volunteering and good-doing - this means that more people will find you.

The team will help you describe your cause in an appealing way.

Beyond that, we work directly with schools and universities, where there are huge groups of potential volunteers.

Even if you have your own website or a mailing list, is another channel through which you can reach people. can get you more support for your causes, greater reach to your messages and more people for your events.

And last but not least - is free for citizens and non-profits.

I am company and want to support an event or make my own event in support of a cause. What should I do?

Write to us at [email protected].

What are the criteria for publishing on

Your initiative must be in obvious support of a cause (and not primarily in support of one person or a company, for example).

We should be given all the information we require. The information should be filled in our questionnaire, which you'll receive in advance.

There must be clear indications that your initiative will happen.

The organizer must be in contact with the team when this is needed.

The organizers must provide with a short report after the initiative ends (how many people attended, what has been done, whether the targets are achieved).

I do not find an answer to my questions. What should I do?

Write to us at [email protected] or beam a flashlight to the sky after 12 pm three times. No, actually, that doesn't work. But who knows - try.