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What is TimeHeroes?




What is this?

Gamification is a way to add a competitive game element to the serious volunteer activities. Participating in missions and making friends, you earn points for every action and win badges of special merit.



Points and badges accumulate according to mysterious rules (the element of surprise). But it won't hurt to support many missions (we mean really participate in them), upload photos and stories about how they went (after each mission you will receive an mail), invite friends to share their talents on the site, and so on. Like be a real hero.


* How, you will ask. Relax, once you a mission ends we'll send you an email - follow the instructions.

** Enter your unique code on the website and you're done.


For the lapel of your hero costume we offer the following badges (and there are others cooking in the oven):


The ranks are levels of points earned.