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Be a volunteer at a cultural center

Be a volunteer at a cultural center


The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate organizes and presents socio-political programs in the area of arts and culture, as well as social and educational programs. The organization encourages the development of an independent sector of modern Bulgarian art, providing training in less familiar areas and methods in the arts, culture, social activities and practices. It contributes to the creation of pluralism of the aesthetic norms and organizational forms of art and culture in Bulgaria. It creates an environment for adequate presentation of various social issues, develops critical thinking and public speaking, and stimulates the development of different communities and the dialogue between them, as well as public and political debate.

For years The Red House has been implementing its activities with the help of volunteers. Positions are suitable for high school seniors, students and all interested in different humanitarian disciplines and artistic areas and technical specialties.

The activities that the volunteers are involved in are different:

  • Work on projects and programs (depending on current projects and their specifics - this may involve transcribing debates, translation of texts, translation of subtitles, as well as cooperation on a specific project or program, etc.)
  • Work with the audience (meeting it, directing and giving information to the guests of the house, selling tickets, tech support during events);
  • Support to the technical team (arrangement of lighting, stage, preparation of the halls for events, entertainers, etc.).

Working as a volunteer allows free access to all events; develops skills for teamwork. There is an opportunity to develop an individual program for each candidate.


The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate



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