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Send books to the community centre in Balgarovo

Send books to the community centre in Balgarovo


The Saglasie 1905 Community Centre maintains the only library in the small town of Balgarovo, municipality of Burgas. Its collection is in serious need of new titles in order to keep the current 300 readers and to attract new book lovers of all ages. To that end board members have initiated the "Gift a Book You've Read" campaign.

Books in all genres and in all languages will be truly appreciated. You may send in:

  • fiction;
  • non-fiction;
  • academic books;
  • periodicals;
  • children’s books.

Click the “I will do it” button to see the address.


Saglasie 1905 Community Centre.


You may send books to Balgarovo by post or via courier. The address is behind the “I will do it” button.


Please make sure you cover the cost of delivery.

How do I take part?

Click the green "I will do it" button for the exact address.

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Send a book by 1 March 2016

The mission is from 1 February 2016 until 1 March 2016

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  • Rafaela Vasileva

    Rafaela Vasileva

    Мога ли да изпратя книгите по пощата, но до поискване? Ако да, то нужно ли е да уведомя организаторите за приблизителна дата пристигане на колета?

  • Biblioteka S'glasie

    Biblioteka S'glasie (Saglasie 1905 Community Centre)

    Привет!Да, може да изпратите книгите по пощата.Не е нужно допълнително потвърждаване.
    Усмихнат и позитивен ден

  • Viliana Bakalova

    Viliana Bakalova

    Здравейте, записали сте, че приемате и периодика т.е. и списания.
    За какъв период назад считате, че ще бъде адекватно да се изпратят?

  • Biblioteka S'glasie

    Biblioteka S'glasie (Saglasie 1905 Community Centre)

    Здравейте, Вили :) Мисля, че ако списанието е класика - като "Дъга" например, не би трябвало да е проблем времевият период, ако са образователни също. Така че по ваша преценка :)

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