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What is TimeHeroes?

Help repair the new T.R.A.P. Youth Centre building in Sofia.

Help repair the new T.R.A.P. Youth Centre building in Sofia.


The Community Centre “Trotoara” and all of its branches recently relocated their space from the center of Sofia to the Gotse Delchev neighbourhood, where a spacious area of 320 m² awaits them. Step by step, with drive and enthusiasm, this place becomes their new home for the Youth Centre T.R.A.P. - Trotoara Room for Angry People.

The repairs are currently at the beginning stage - walls are being torn down, cables are being cut, and old belongings are being thrown away. The goal is to create a place where teenagers can freely engage with each other, meet, be creative, and learn as soon as possible. It will serve as a venue for workshops, concerts, festivals, and other fun events.

To achieve this quickly and efficiently, a few volunteers are needed to help with the repairs of the rehearsal room, recording studio, and dance room. The work is not very tough. Assistance is needed in the following areas:

  • Repairs: tearing down walls, cutting cables, etc.
  • Disposing of old belongings and construction materials
  • Clean-up


Every Friday between 2 pm and 7 pm, starting on the 21st of April.


Sofia, zhk. "Gotse Delchev," ul. "Louis Eyer" №34

Close by, there is a bus stop for the following buses and trolleybuses: 83, 65, 120, 74


Community Centre "Trotoara 2020"

Why should I participate?

The whole renovation of T.R.A.P. is done by volunteers since there is no funding for professionals.

Required equipment?

Closed-toe shoes and work clothing.

Required skills?

Enthusiasm and physical condition for construction activity. The work is not complicated, and you will be shown what and how to do it.

Will I be offered food?

No, but drinks will be provided.

Will I receive a certificate for volunteering?


Are there any age restrictions?

It is recommended that volunteers are over 18 years old.

How to participate?

Click the green "I'll do it!" button and follow the instructions.

I will do it!

Hero, by joining this mission, you agree that your e-mail and your name will be shared with the organizer of the mission, so that he can contact you if needed. Your data will NOT be shared with anyone else. See our privacy.

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  • Kiril Petrov

    Kiril Petrov

    На Кога? Пише всеки петък, а като дата е дадено 17, което е неделя.
    Тази седмица кой ден се събирате? ))

  • Nataliia Ivanova

    Nataliia Ivanova (timeheroes)

    Кирил, здравей! Акциите са всеки петък, включително и утре, което е 17 юни. Може би се бъркаш с юли. :)


  • Milena Kirilova

    Milena Kirilova

    На 01 юли дали ще има дейност?

  • Deian Iankov

    Deian Iankov (Trotoara)

    Здравейте Милена! Да на 1 юли също ще бъдем там. Ако желаете да се включите, с радост ще ви очакваме.

  • Deian Iankov

    Deian Iankov (Trotoara)

    Скъпи доброволци, информираме Ви, че поради предстоящи ни събития утре (22.07) няма да имаме акция.
    Благодарим Ви за интереса и ще Ви очакваме следващата седмица!

  • Andrea Angelova

    Andrea Angelova

    Надявам се, че на 26.08 събитието ще се проведе. Исках да попитам, понеже има още няколко месеца докато стана на 18г, нужна ли ми е декларация и също мога ли да помоля за сертификат за участие?
    Благодаря предварително!
    Лек и усмихнат ден!

  • Deian Iankov

    Deian Iankov (Trotoara)

    Здравейте! Към момента планът е на 26 да има акция. Относно деклрацията, да препоръчително е да имате такава, а сертификат ще Ви изпратим след акцията на посочен от Вас имейл!

  • Nevena Kichekova

    Nevena Kichekova

    Здравейте, кога е следващата мисия? Благодаря!

  • Deian Iankov

    Deian Iankov (Trotoara)

    Здравейте! За повече разяснения моля позвънете на 089 377 4010. Благодаря Ви!

  • Ivona Aleksandrova

    Ivona Aleksandrova

    На какъв етап е проекта?
    Продължава ли?

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