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Join Free Sofia Tour 2014

Join Free Sofia Tour 2014


The Free Sofia Tour expects its guests twice a day every day. The sightseeing tours of Sofia are organized by guides from a non-profit organization. Every tour is both fun and educational, the perfect introduction to the city and its thousands of years of history.

365 Association is looking forward to expand its team of guides. Their primary goal is to make every guest on their tours feel welcomed in Sofia and Bulgaria.

If YOU join Free Sofia Tour, you would:

  • be part of a motivated and enthusiastic team of young professionals;
  • benefit from being in an international environment;
  • practice your public speaking… with people from all populated continents;
  • work on exciting projects, including your own ideas;
  • get a jump start on networking;
  • have an opportunity to write for an online media;
  • pass a preparation course for free;
  • be on the news.


365 Association


Free Sofia Tour’s primary goal is to make every foreigner feel welcome in Bulgaria and ignite their interest in such a way so that they want to come back and recommend it to others. We are young and passionate about what we do and we constantly strive to make each tour personal, fun, informative, helpful and tailored for each visitor’s individual needs.



Skills Required?

365 Association wants YOU, if you:

  • love Sofia and Bulgaria;
  • are Bulgarian and speak fluent English (other languages are a plus);
  • have international experience (preferably you have studied or worked abroad);
  • are willing to get to know people from all over the world;
  • are entertaining, communicative and a good story teller;
  • feel young and enthusiastic;
  • are ready for a big commitment;
  • have rich general knowledge about Sofia and Bulgaria (and not only) and you are eager to learn even more;
  • are not afraid of rain, snow, cold and blistering sun;
  • are able to make your voice heard even on a main crossroad in peak hour;
  • are not looking for a job, but a special kind of hobby;
  • are not shy and not afraid of making a mistake in front of dozens of people;
  • are never late and know what responsibility is;
  • are willing to go the extra mile to keep the project going forward, by participating in the backstage processes as well.

What if the weather is bad?

The tours are carried out in rain, snow, cold and blistering sun.

// the photo is provided by 365 Association

Приключило записване


Няма публикувани разкази.

След като свърши участието ти в мисия, можеш да разкажеш как е минало, в 3-4 изречения (не искаме просто "беше супер").

Просто е: след края ѝ ти пращаме мейл с инструкции - следвай ги. Така печелиш точки и качваш рангове, останалите се вдъхновяват и всички сме щастливи.


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