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Join the sorting, arrangement, and distribution of humanitarian aid to people seeking help and protection in Sofia

Join the sorting, arrangement, and distribution of humanitarian aid to people seeking help and protection in Sofia


The Association "Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria" assists migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in their successful adaptation and integration into the welcoming society of Bulgaria. This is accomplished through various means, including a social mediation program, humanitarian support, training and workshops, and individual case work advocacy.

The organisation's humanitarian aid warehouse, located at ul. "Iskar" №51 in Sofia, serves as a crucial point for the individuals it supports. On average, about 1,000 families, mainly from the Middle East and Ukraine, pass through the warehouse each month, seeking clothing and essential items.

Fortunately, many people recognise the importance of this cause and provide donations. However, the team still requires ongoing assistance with sorting and distributing these donations. Therefore, they are seeking individuals who are willing to:

  • Help load and unload humanitarian aid packages/boxes.
  • Accept and sort donations.
  • Distribute packages directly to those in need.
  • Organise the donations after distribution days.
  • Prepare the organisation's humanitarian centre for the summer season.

Each volunteer will work in a team alongside a member of the organisation, who will provide guidance and explain the tasks in detail.


Humanitarian aid distribution takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please contact the organisers to inform them of your availability.

The organisation would greatly appreciate individuals who can dedicate at least 2 hours on any of the listed days. Currently, there is no deadline for the mission; it will continue until the work is completed.


The humanitarian aid warehouse of the organisation, located at ul. "Iskar" №51 in Sofia.


The Association Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.

Why should I participate?

Refugees and asylum seekers of all ages leave their homes and travel thousands of kilometres, enduring suffering and deprivation, to achieve their aspirations for a safe and secure life. By joining this mission, you will help them receive the assistance they need and have the opportunity to hear their personal experiences firsthand, if desired.

Moreover, if you are a student of Arabic or Iranian studies, you may find this mission particularly valuable.

Required equipment?

It is recommended to dress comfortably.

Required skills?

While not mandatory, individuals who enjoy organising, interacting with people, and are willing to volunteer in a multicultural environment will feel at home.

Will I receive a certificate for volunteering?

Yes, the Council provides certificates, service notes, attestations, or any other necessary documentation for internships/volunteering.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, 18+

How to participate?

Click on the green "I'll do it!" button and follow the instructions.

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