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Foster a cat in need in Sofia or Plovdiv

Foster a cat in need in Sofia or Plovdiv


Small team of volunteers called iCat Rescue help every day cats in need - left alone, injured or tortured, hungry and scared. Saving any stray animal involves finding temporary shelter where they can stay until adopters are found.

In a nutshell, needed are people in Sofia or Plovdiv willing to foster a cat for a short time (or even better permanently). All animals arrive in their foster homes after a routine veterinary check and parasite cleanse so that they are healthy.

As a cat foster carer, you will be asked only to take care of the cat, to feed them, cuddle and caress them. Some pets need more attention and sometimes to be taken to regular veterinary checks. All vet related expenses will be covered by the organization.


Foster homes are needed throughout the year. Fostering a little animal in need even for a month will be helpful.


Sofia and Plovdiv.


iCat Rescue.


The advantages of having a furry friend at home are quite many. First of all, you will give a soul the chance to find a new home and start a happy new life.There isn't anything more rewarding than giving a hand to an animal in need. Second, cats are a wonderful source of soft and free heat energy that can warm you in the cold winter. Third, they chase away any negative energy. You can try this if you are in doubt. Last but not least, it is never boring with them. They are always a source of fun for themselves and those around them. And there are many more advantages of fostering a cat that you will quickly find out for yourself.

Skills needed?

If you are above 24 years and you consider yourself a responsible and reliable character, you are the right person. Experience in looking after a cat will be an advantage.

Necessary equipment?

If you live on an upper floor, it is important that you have at least one window mosquito net so that accidents as falling out can be avoided.

Food and supplies?

The organization can provide food and other cat supplies if the foster home cannot afford the expenses.

Will I get a volunteer certificate?


How to participate?

Click the green "I will do it" button and see how to get in touch with the organizer.

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  • Ivan Trifonov

    Ivan Trifonov

    Kyde v Sofiq ima takuv dom za jivotni

  • Zoo Police

    Zoo Police

    вижте нашата страница zoopolice.eu

  • Elena Timourian

    Elena Timourian (iCat Rescue)

    Хей, доброволци! Wake up! :)

    Тъй като малцина от вас са направили първата крачка да ни пишат за да се включат, освен виртуално, то и физически, изпращаме това съобщение за да ви напомним, че мисията е все така активна и помощници с приемни домове са ни много ценни и нужни в момента. Ако все още имате желание да се включите в мисията, моля да го направите сега и да се свържете с нас на [email protected] или чрез съобщение до страницата ни във фейсбук.

    Имаме спешна нужда от приемни домове за пет котета и ще се радваме, ако петима от вас или пък двама и половина, могат да приютят коте в нужда. :)

    А тези от вас, които нямат истински намерения да участват физически в мисията, моля да се отпишат от нея.

    Поздрави, Елена!

  • Diana Savova

    Diana Savova

    За какъв период от време трябва да се грижим за котетата?

  • Viliana Stoynova

    Viliana Stoynova

    Здравейте, как мога да прищтя коте ? Каква е процедурата ?

  • iskam da si vzema kotka

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