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What is TimeHeroes?




We respect your right of privacy. We won't disclose your personal information to third parties.


We'll write to your email, only if we want to contact you. We will send you emails regarding only activities linked to TimeHeroes.org, which may interest you. Will try to not send you many emails.

You can unsubscribe from all our newsletters you registered for at any time.


TimeHeroes.org uses cookies to recognize you (anonymously) and track user behavior on the site. We use this information to make the site better.

TimeHeroes.org may record your IP address. We would use this information only to prevent fraud, catch problems and gather demographic information (anonymously).

We use various protective methods like encrypting systems and authentication systems to maintain your information private. The Information we have about you is keept behind a firewall and is only available to a limited number of members of our team who have signed that they won't make it available to third parties.

Despite these measures, access to your personal information from the internet can't be 100%% secure.


TimeHeroes.org is not responsible for the way initiatives published on the website happen as well as for any possible damages, and incidents that may occur.

Mission creators (Organizers)

By accepting our Terms of collaboration mission creators (organizers) on TimeHeroes.org agree that they will not use your personal data unlawfully. Unlawful use is any use different from the one explicitly stated in the text of the mission or deviating from the needs of the mission.

General Terms

TimeHeroes.org reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

TimeHeroes.org reserves the right to provide third parties with your information when that is required by law and/or when it is necessary to protect its rights.

You can delete your personal information from the website after you log in to your profile.

Minors (under the age of 18) are not allowed to use the website without parental supervision. Therefore these privacy terms and conditions do not concern them.


If you have questions, contact us at [email protected].