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Food Not Bombs - Sofia



Solidarity, not charity! Freedom, not limitations! Self-management, not totalitariansm! Enlightenment, not prejudice! Non-violence for all non-violent! Love, not hatred! Nature, not concrete! Equality, not hierarchy!

Who are we? Food Not Bombs is a loose-knit group of independent collectives around the world who believe that all of us, the ordinary people, can and should take matters in our own hands because no one else would stand up for our rights and freedom. By sharing free vegan and vegetarian food we protest against war, violence, hatred, social and environmental imbalance. The aim is to build an empathic and sustainable movement for social change and to direct the action of independent and anti-hierarchical groups to poverty, state and economic authoritarianism and violence against nature and animals, including humans.


Food Not Bombs - Sofia

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