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Missions in Harmanli


Support refugee women with tools and materials for sewing, knitting and embroidery

Volunteers at the Harmanli refugee camp plan to set up an atelier where women can learn from one another and prepare for a fuller life in Europe. The new skills they acquire would be an opportunity to create their own home-based jobs, which will allow them to earn money while taking care of their children.

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Send summer clothes and sandals to the children at the Harmanli refugee camp

Two British volunteers at the Harmanli refugee camp run an informal "play school" with a mission to help the kids overcome the shock and horror of the war. They also try to collect what's necessary to meet the basic needs of the families. Help them for the summer.

The mission is over.

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Donate clothes, shoes and toys to the kids in the Kaspichan orhpanage

They are 15 smiling and bright little sunshines, who live separated from their parents in the small town of Kaspichan. This is where Julie Moule, an English teacher and volunteer, met them and found out the kids have an urgent need for trainers and shoes, and also clothes, books and toys. Join her campaign to support the children.

The mission is over.

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Show the real face of domestic violence by creating your original artwork

If you are a visual artist, illustrator or graphic designer, support the #Every4th campaign with your original artwork. All selected works will be presented and sold at a charity exhibition raising funds for the transitional housing centers which offer shelter and protection to those (still) few brave women who dare break free from their abusers.

The mission is over.

50 heroes already participating - Learn more

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