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Help refugee children during the Arms Wide Open Summer School 2024 in Sofia

In July and August, in the heart of the capital, youngsters aged 7 to 17 will attend Bulgarian language lessons, explore museums, galleries, and natural sites, participate in sports, dance, and engage in various workshops. What's missing? Only you – join in now!

Apply by July 31, 2024, 8:59 p.m.

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Lead a Therapy Horse for Children with Specific Needs in Kokalyane

If you love horses and children, this mission is perfect for you – you can walk alongside them during therapy sessions in nature. Why are you important? With your help, the therapist can focus on their work, and a child with special needs can return home more peacefully and happily.

Apply by Nov. 17, 2024, 9:59 p.m.

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Donate food and supplies to a shelter for rescued dogs

You already know about the new open shelter near Kostinbrod? They will be very happy if you send them a thick blanket, a dog bed, a toy or a prize. In addition to making the four-legged inhabitants happy, you will also be supporting the patient and dedicated staff who provide them with a home and a chance for a new and better life.

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Donate art materials to artists with disabilities

Aneliya Kirilova has proven herself as a social worker for a very long time now. Since recently she has started a new mission - to help artists with disabilities through her shop by exhibiting their artworks. However, the not so easy part is that they are in constant need of art material to continue developing their talent. Would you help them create art?

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Walk the dogs from the new shelter near Kostinbrod

The Australian, Terry Kyle, has taken on a serious task: to build the largest open-air dog shelter in the Balkans. Alas, the team behind the project, which is still under construction, can't keep up with walking all 50 residents, so they're asking for your help. A nice one at that - to spend some time in the company of queues cheered by your attention.

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